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Terms & Conditions

CONDITIONS upon which the Company receives live and/or dead stock for holding, slaughtering, storing for collection or delivery within New Zealand.


1.1 In these Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires: “Company”: means NEW ZEALAND SUSTAINABLE MEATS LIMITED and its successors and assigns, together with its employees, agents and contractors. “pelt”: includes skin, hide and wool. “stock”: includes sheep, cattle, goats and other animals, the carcasses of the foregoing or any part thereof, meat of any description, all articles of food or other goods derived from such carcasses and pelts.


2.1 Where the Company processes livestock on behalf of a customer (Toll Processing) the property and the risk shall remain with the customer throughout. At any time before slaughter the Company may require the customer at the customer’s risk and expense to take from the Company delivery of the stock at such place as the Company shall nominate free from any obligation of any kind on the part of the Company.


3.1 The Company does not insure stock or other goods of whatsoever nature or kind at any time against loss or damage from any cause whatsoever and stock and other goods of whatsoever nature or kind at all times are held at the risk of the customer until risk passes to the Company in accordance with these Conditions.


4.1 It is the supplier's responsibility that stock must be received at the Company’s plants in the cleanest possible condition. The cost of additional work required to be undertaken by the Company in order to comply with any hygiene standards or Regulations shall be borne by the customer.

The Company requires all customers to comply with all relevant animal welfare codes and legislation.


5.1 The Company shall not be responsible or liable to the supplier or to any other person whatsoever in contract, tort or otherwise for any loss, decay, deterioration in value, damage to or destruction of stock or other goods of any kind whatsoever whether or not the same be attributable to the negligence or other fault of the Company and the Company’s liability shall not in any event whatsoever exceed the charge by the Company to the customer for the processing of their stock in respect of which a claim is made.


6.1 The Company at it's sole discretion, may charge a booking fee to the customer prior to any slaughter or meat processing work.

6.2 Where the Company has to clean animals and remove dags, a surcharge of $100 per animal will be borne by the supplier.

6.3 The customer must pay all Company costs as per the issued invoice to process their stock prior to receiving their product.


7.1 For the purposes of this clause “exotic disease” means any animal disease not present in New Zealand that is highly contagious in nature and results in Ministry of Primary Industries (or any other public authority of competent jurisdiction) (“MPI”) imposing controls on livestock movements or controls on livestock slaughter or similar measures including without limitation, diseases which are listed by the OIE (the World Organisation for Animal Health) and including without limitation foot and mouth disease, BSE and anthrax.

7.2 Notwithstanding any other provision of these Conditions, if an outbreak of an exotic disease (or a suspected outbreak of an exotic disease) occurs in New Zealand, the provisions of this clause 12 will apply (regardless of the scale or location of the outbreak or suspected outbreak).

7.3 Except where the Company is required by law to allow the entry of stock (including at the direction of MPI) the Company will reject the delivery of all stock and no stock (dead or alive) will be allowed to enter any site owned or occupied by the Company (including, but not limited to Company processing plants and adjoining land).

7.4 Except to the extent prohibited by law, the Company will cease processing and will return all stock located at Company sites to the customer at the customer’s cost.

7.5 Where stock is rejected or returned by the Company in accordance with clause 12.3 or 12.4, or where the Company is required by law (including the direction of MPI) to destroy stock or is prohibited by law (including the direction of MPI) from returning any stock (whether slaughtered or not), the Company will have no liability to the customer to pay for the loss of the stock or associated costs.

7.6 Where MPI directs the Company to hold stock currently located at Company sites, the Company will cease processing and will graze and manage such stock at the customer's cost in a proper manner until such time as the stock can be slaughtered, returned to the customer or otherwise disposed of.


8.1 Cattle under movement control must be disclosed to the Company's representative before slaughter as the processing price may be subject to an increase to cover further administration.


9.1 Any offer is subject to availability and can be removed or changed at any time at our discretion

*2 x 5% Discount in October 2021:

  • all bookings to be received by 11.59pm 31 October 2021

  • provide your friend's details (name, email address and mobile number) at the time of your booking.

  • The 5% off your booking is discounted at the time of your invoice.

  • When your friend books in October and is then invoiced later, a further 5% is discounted off your next booking.

  • Processing of your and your friend's animals must take place by 28th February 2022

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